Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kristen de Kline #64 - Heavier hearts

the heavy heart from #62
no longer     anchored
nor floating    in water
above skies
no longer      counting
seven hours and fifteen days
since they took
     your love breath

in #62 we sat on I-Pads, I-phones, tablets, desktops
punching the same bloody words into the keyboard:
beyond words so sad beyond words

whatever hardened     deep
rusty cages
nine inch nails
whoever     whatever
that may have been
banging away at the foundations
laying concrete meticulously
whatever whoever that was
ruptured, spiral cracks
in the zone of the
heart, zigzagged fault-lines

mate, you won't be     shouting out
to the blue summer
any     words
any     thing
you won't be
you won't

I thought my insistent
might change-the-course-of-history:
don't disappear
I'm not saying goodbye
make me laugh    
don't     make me cry

but the cracks     spiralled
she fought on to the end
fault-lines     jugger-naughted
but her passing was peaceful
cracks     lines, zigzagged     unrecognisable
and we were with her
top up the tumblers
funeral details will be posted
throw me the lighter
once the arrangements are finalised
pour me more than a stiff drink


  1. I love this poem. Your poems are very powerful Kristen. Do not ever stop.

  2. Thanks Claine :) I really love your work too - so we can be the mutual admiration society!

  3. I love your punchy tone! and today this poem echoes with a book I'm reading written by a Frnch Philosopher (Clément Rosset) : le principe de cruauté= the cruelty principle ...

  4. Thanks Béatrice - I must look up the French philosopher book you mention - sounds intriguing.

  5. Yes Rob -there'll be some more heart poems on the way :)

  6. The rhythm of this is so good, moves me so.

  7. Thanks so :) it was one of those poems that literally just wrote itself, rhythm and all!


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