Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kit Kelen #417 - scratch

an open letter to all institutions

you've knocked me up a little coffin
haven't you?
think I'll stay in there?
all velvet and cush

what a fine polish the outside shows
though no one's looking for long

what I've to do in there's well versed
you've tossed the script in with me

you've smoothed the pillow for my scone
it is tempting to have a little lie in
my hair looks right at last
tie straight
(when did he ever wear a tie?)

there's a kind of a mildew-y stink about
and other things get up your nose
reach a certain vintage and you're bound to feel embalmed

you bastards have really nailed it, haven't you?
each snug in your own
and mustn't grumble

it's a nice little earner
this box-for-each business

you'd liked me to raise my right hand
and sing some dreadful hymn
show the right signs of appreciation

and now you're lowering me into the ground
and what a lovely view of the lid

couldn't you have at least painted a sky?
no, six feet of planet between me and asphodel

there's little talk of resurrection these days
I've got my penny handy

you think you've got me all nailed down?
you think I'm going to stick in the box?

not this little zombie
no way


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