Monday, February 20, 2017

Kristen de Kline #63 - While you were away #2

while you were away
I turned the fucking music up
so screaming loud
I couldn't think I couldn't write I couldn't

I stole your lives lines words
while you were away
I sat by the venetians and watched  
your children    dancing in
oversized slippers
placing plastic tiaras on skin and hair
I felt like crying
but nothing    came out
I looked out
into the winds     the ice
from the windows of the bus
but then there was
no windows      no bus

I listened to your words:
come have a drink with me
you've got to be joking
heard the car horn
I laughed at your sick cat your old hat
I couldn't stop laughing at
the world     your soul
the lady teaching
laughter     yoga
you've got to be joking

while you were away
histories collapsed
I died a few times
it was the stray cable ties
stab wounds     puckering
bullet holes      under gaffer
Candy got it wrong
it wasn't      safe
how did I forget
I climbed out of bed in the morning
and thought I'm not going to make it
while you were away      I walked through fire
listened to screaming music     fucking loud
nothing     came out
the car horn     blared


  1. pop out for a few minutes and all hell breaks lose

  2. "This old heart of mine been broke a thousand times" :)

  3. Too true - turn your back and all hell breaks loose, hearts gets broken ...


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