Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Jeffree Skewes #42 Joy

It was meant to be Joy

full of painters poets a jazz drummer

switched on vanguard, lovers

 hand made patrons of the arts

avant gardens in the hills

the good-life party at lunch

early drinks all night

charcoal rubbed paper

free love summer post-war

a poster child who knew

and grew-up too soon

lost the fear we did forget

wrapped in Sunday, mourning 

never really knowing

who did what to whom when

shame plays it's tune

so begins the remains of days

records spin around

tears for precious life 

and a generation broken

Joy in the pearler's diving bell

did stroll ocean floors

drew a light never saw

feathered starfish hands and more...

image: Joy Hester 1920 – 60
Girl holding Turkey   (Vera) 1957
synthetic polymer paint, brush and ink, gouache on card
74.8 × 49.8 cm   NGV 


  1. It is truly...and great. Thank you too.

  2. Stunning, and beautiful, and my heart leaps and drops and leaps and drops

  3. Thank you SRCJ :) I appreciate your words of encouragement...


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