Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kit Kelen #415 - become your own hobby

become your own hobby

who was it I hoped to be?

pottering these late last years
mourning time lost
to serious affairs

then the river I stepped in
ran off
ran dry
ran toxic blooms

when did this begin to worry me?

the truth makes yet another attempt
as a matter of fact it's with us right now

sit still
for beginner's mind
then it's like
hearing your own voice
after your death
strange rasping
but sweet
and then you won't know it

see how relentless you were
all your days
like a cheer rung
till here you are –
the echo


  1. A very raw and try poem. This one makes me wonder if all is well with your health. I hope so as the poems you have been writing as of late are filled with an ever increasing sense of mortality.

  2. what is raw and try, Claine?

    I recommend giving up the intentional fallacy...
    my work does not reflect my health, or not particularly or generally

    1. Not sure what word I meant to type now but 'try' was not it! Okay I will take a different approach to reading your work.

    2. The word I meant to type was 'true'.


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