Monday, June 12, 2017

Venessa M #3- A Traumatised persons blessing

May you live in boring and uneventful times.
May each day be pretty much like the last
May the kids get up with no more than the usual reluctance,
and get to school with lunch, if not library bags, packed,
and socks that more or less match.
May your sunrises be glimpsed only rarely.
May your sunsets be enjoyed over a cold one.
May there always be mince in the freezer, and a packet of taco mix
(for that quick dinner fix).
May you have sex every Saturday night and fall asleep drooling on your partners chest.
May cuddles catch you unaware and unexpectedly.
May online shoes sales have one last pair in your size.
May you have a comfortable bra.
May the happy chirrup of children fill your ears far too bloody early on Christmas morning.
May you laugh more than you cry.
May you remember the library bag at least once before the end of the year.

It's not an ambitious list,  But sometimes the everyday should be special too.
Cherish that.


  1. Venessam, your traumatised persons blessing really spoke to me - powerful stuff - from one traumatised poet to another. Thank you:))


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