Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rob Schackne #365 - Backtracks


                              I met myself in a dream
                              and I just want to tell you 

                              everything was alright   (Lou Reed)

Four months later
below the snake-line
everything is not alright
the dream wasn’t even mine
the guy was an imposter
and talking strangely

about losing everything
and all the backtracking
he has to do now christ

a little light from darkness
how is the compass wrong
I cross the street again
and duck into a shadow
this time he barely saw me


  1. Rob - I absolutely LOVE this - you have nailed the voice, rhythm, atmosphere - everything - so perfectly.
    You've done Lou Reed proud too! Brilliant stuff :))

    1. Ha. Very pleased you like it. A little light from darkness too. :)

  2. Someone told me/ every person in a dream/ is yourself Love it1


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