Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kit Kelen #535 - how to slow down

how to slow down

forget the shoulds and musts
and gunna

make a list of the done
the chalked and corked
the done and dusted
enemies now in the ground
count them slowly
if you find that's the measure

count only what's in the bag
let sheep wander off
and your grass is green

make a full and frank confession
tell the whitest lies
test the chair laid back
crack knuckles
bean the bag

try horizontal
corpse for a lark

imitate rest
and it comes
the lyre's tuned

boss stray musings back into the queue
handle one thought at a time
a chord
then a colour
slow the reel

child pose
happy baby!

let pet set pace
just watch
then stroke


close eyes

be a ball
and slowly slowly

notice loinstir
then let go
in a little
you'll be coaxed
how in your face
that's love

be flower

here's rain landing
till we swim
see down in depths
just breathe

and what is it you float away on
now effortlessly light?

say snifter
(having checked the yard arm)

lie in the grass
let it grow over
take a little time with the sky

fall out of the conversation
follow your own advice for a change

in fact
forget the rest
be blessed

orient yourself downhill
backed by breeze
think only of stream pours
birds say

let heart pump

slowly slowly
clear the mist
let the mountain climb

forget the wall

foot to the floor
lock the brakes
three times
till the charm
is set
and in a dream
skid home

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  1. Sublime, coulda, woulda, shoulda,been a fly on that wall, wonderful!


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