Saturday, June 17, 2017

Kit Kelen #529 - before the lawless

before the lawless

in the three penny court
an end in itself
the rabble rout
is one heart beat
and pisses itself laughing

on the mat
before the beak
fallen from the ropes
through the net
down for the count

the broken rule
means of which we've come

laughter is always at someone's expense

and capital's required
if only to remember

in the court of the eaten
of those to whom justice was done
the hang-dog eyes are up

all of the bad decisions led here
so easy to say
to blame

the itch
and all say
stay away
like thirst from the well

from throne enclouded
bolts are thrown

but the law is never easy to say
it's covenant to carry
and it shuns daylight
that's why it pays so well

consider a judgement of peers
for which ghosts are called
example: Wadjemup (Rottnest Island)

it's ignorance
bare bliss a moment
laughter comes again
the surf and the beer
and the hills' hoist swung

likewise all the creatures extinct
will they amount to accusation?

act in accord with a maxim through which
does one come to the end of the proposition?
consider how Kant thought of women and blacks

'zeitgeist', comes the stout defence
all clockwork to the devil
with whom the courts now do away

to the one with murder in his/her heart
I won't say where they live

I've met that Cretan liar
and have to doubt this home's my own

on the rails, even
where it's easy to steer
one gets a clip over the ear
for one's trouble

a golden shower
for the rule then
for the mean

it's ignorance
bare bliss
a moment
when we who abide
might bless

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