Friday, June 16, 2017

Kit Kelen #526 - art of never beginning

art of never beginning

I have a certain time in mind
all alas
having elapsed

most of my art is never beginning
it's all about already being and here

I love that it's uneven
and curls up
like the cat at the tap
wants running water

worst of my art is being away
and giving over
and lying in wait

it's all pounce and pet and preen
electric skin, eyes glaring

I have a certain sky in mind
and I'm all blue above

most of my art is to let the thing go
come hither, be taunted
pleasure on with it, angel

I like to get down for a wrestle with the thing
believing's all credulity
so I write last word first

and lick at the paint
just for a taste
to see what's lost

I'm always being made up like this
just where the lines diverge

mind as with the music falls
heart's a sea surge too
but most of the art is keeping going
is turning as worlds do

voices always come in a round
that's the forever of them

for ninthly and tenthly
and brisking about

how strings are always yet to live
a next breath's all there is to believe
nothing sweeter than that thing
and tread the measure
wax and fire

turning world's the thing to do
there must be a word for that

I was windswept once
still managed to stand

all of my pens run out
head runs on
its well ahead
I won't catch up

most of my art's this trailing after
like a hobby spouse
to a picnic of sunshine
gathering favourite terms

I have the choices shown
like dream in a vision shown

most of my art is the bucket upending
so many centuries of shit
I won't be the one to see the gold
but still I know it's there

the thing I've believed was as flimsy as this
how precious the pictures now lost

we were greedy to capture
to have hold of
things ours if the image is

you and me
the made thing
the found

just to be that moment meant
not even a name
but I was here

I carved the thing in
pure blue air

and now we're all as gone

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