Monday, June 26, 2017

Kristen de Kline #109 love is

love is (with thanks to Kerri S & Rob S)

love     is
a stranger in an open     car
a faded jaded sign that you don't look at    
tempt you in and drive you far     away
a rose but you better not pick    it
a danger of a different    kind
a handful of     thorns
a different      drug

love     is
a verb     you don’t just love a random
you love     somebody
what are you writing
and they love you     back
whose story is this     anyhow

pass me the ashtray
why can't we grow old together
give me a tailor-made
what was I thinking
I just    thought    you'd love somebody
they'd love you    back
why is that so much to ask

top up my wine glass
chuck me another tailor-made

what were you     thinking


  1. A great big poem. Thanks to Kristen D. :)

    1. Thanks Rob:) I like your stanza below but am figuring out a way to weave it in and expand it.


  2. A verb is a worker
    like a process going
    in an office sweating
    the factory routine
    killing me slowly
    shit I looked around
    there no one's song

  3. and when love takes an indirect object...

    turns out the filters were more carcinogenic after all

  4. Too true Kit - we've got to be careful what we inhale in the name of love.

  5. Replies

    1. Don't get me started
      I'll tell everyone I know


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