Friday, June 16, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 263 - Hour one - on the run from the dog Nazis

Hour One  - on the run from the dog Nazis
 ( for Kristen de Kline)

the haters
drove me  down to Lawless road

three foot high
with trigger fingers

on their tiny Hello Kitty
phones     now

lapping up ditchwater
under the Gestapo sweep

of headlamps
the haters    think they won

right now    they are playing dress ups
with my clothes

with my dog

do  I hear them
in the distance

the rusty dinky wheels of
entitled tiny demons

above my head a night-blown siren
marks the damp hour

here in Lawless
I’ll find the Troll they say she’ll help

me out


  1. here's an old poem

    hello kitty has no mouth at all

    how can I not love
    your eloquent silence
    it speaks for all ages
    of something unspeakable
    you yourself are the round
    cipher of euphemism
    anorexia is a given
    and there’s no oral sex

  2. Hey Kerri - thanks so much - I've survived another day or two down at Lawless, patches of blue are bursting through and Pariah Friday's are twisting and turning around. Must get back to posting - been buried under essays & procrastination paralysis:))

  3. I decided that my lady best go see the Queen of Lawless for some advice! She is on the run form toddlers. Two more to go! All yours.

    1. Toddlers??? Hhhmm ... the Queen of Lawless is glad they've grown into teenagers... though toddlers do have a chaotic sensibility that could indeed go down well at Lawless. I'll stay tuned!


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