Monday, June 5, 2017

Venessa M No 2 - The other side of the lock down door

Empathy to Equality
beige to lime green
someone thought that was calming
Day one is bewildering and sad
Day two is just sad
you stay in the room and
Poke your nose out briefly on day three
come out for meals and talk to a few
Day four, give me a god DAMN REAL COFFEE!
Day five, the people behind the conditions start coming into focus

That one there hates too much noise,
he cant tell the real voices from the "others"
But get him in a quiet corner and suddenly the whole universe is spread out for display

That one gives another invisible glasses to help him see better.
He takes it with solemn graciousness

Wow looks like i'm the bi-polar whisperer.
(the Meds make be hyper and flying, I'm the only one who can keep up)

got that eighteen, flat white, caffeinated jittery blues,
(thank you verra much)

look at her so wise, so young, so frightened of food she's tube fed
look at her peeling and grating an apple.
Such Courage.

That one there so fragile a strong hug would snap her in two

What do they see when they look at me.

Will you walk through the field in gloves
Frizzy haired sad woman whom nobody loves

(the last bit's a lie)
but its hard remember that.



  1. So much love in this poem. Broadcast. Widebeam. Internet. Heart. :)

  2. Wow Venessam - this poem rocks it - really packs a punch:))

  3. will you walk through a field in gloves....kicking this bitch to bits Lady V. Yes yes.xx

  4. lady V Now that Has a Ring to it ....


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