Monday, June 12, 2017

Rob Schackne #366 - Some Things To Talk About

Some Things To Talk About

Nights in white satin
but give me a break
heard it through the grapevine
dancing in the streets
I don't think so
hey Joe where you going

tired of hanging around
screaming butterflies
Texas radio and the big beat
with that gun in your hand
cancel my subscription
to the resurrection
you're going to prison
give me a piece of your heart
summer in the city

shadows everywhere
flowers in your hair

woke up this morning 
and got myself a beer
come hear Uncle John's band
got some things to talk about
have you seen the like
2000 light years from home
people try to put us down
can't get no satisfaction
we won't get fooled again
the man comes on and tells me
walls are built of cannonballs
we want the world 
we want the world
another nervous breakdown
never reaching the end
what have they done to our fair sister
tied her with fences and dragged her down
and the wind cries Mary
wasn't it good

with my crutch
with my old age
and my wisdom
when the music's over
she asked me to stay
and sleep on the floor
and hey Jude
the songs they sang
put an end to you

turn off the lights
save us sinners


  1. wow I was singing along in my head wiht this one. Can i add my favourite lyric of all time. I said do you speaka my language, he just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.....

  2. Love this one Rob - it's an absolute beauty and classic. Word and poem perfect!!! I'll add a few more lyrics too :)

    1. There were of course countless ways to create meaning from these favourite songs. And this year of writing has been quite a ride. I might take some time to get my breath back. I've learned so much from you...and from the other lawless poets here. Thank you, dear Kristen! :)


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