Friday, June 16, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 264 - Hour Two - I find the Queen of Lawless

 Hour Two – I find the Queen of Lawless

I found her
leaning on a Valiant  she said tell me I said

all in one short week
 that’s how things

 go down 
in my town 

you say it like you mean it
  not feeling limp

I never wanted to make new friends
at 50   make new enemies

the same  these damn kids
what are they  five or six years old

techkids  and
the pupils of their parents’ eyes

are blown

in admiration  to the point beyond
seeing    toddler junkies

the lot of them  the little freaks
are dangerous    try saying it

see how far you get
end up in a ditch

with me   it is a delicate
negotiation   this quicksand

we named love
here in Lawless you can at least

peruse the menu
ain’t it so?


  1. Bloody fantastic Kerri - this is awesome!!! So touched ... and such a lawless and absolutely poignant poem.
    Thanks heaps :)))

    1. I am glad you like it. My heart's in my mouth but your place is so real. Two more to go. xx


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