Sunday, June 11, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 259 - the fine quaffing whine

the fine quaffing whine

Roll your four wheels to my town
turn the place out 

make a glitter bowl
install the

shit pit 
throw us

to the back of far beyond
work my kid in the suds

picking up your
 dish-licking  scraps

you move
on with

 the concentration
span we all have

small fish
bones on the plate

buzz of flies
left  field 

a tool for cracking
open crates

you might like to
buy    the quaffing game

the vomit bowl
the life of crime the daytime

telly all online
I buy

a quaffing wine

let’s talk fine dining
and coal mining

in the morning
still be high


  1. I grew up,or down, in that place. Wonderful!

  2. Brilliant, Kerri. Sharp, funny, sad...and lawless. I love it.


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