Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rob Schackne #371 - Don't Ask

Don't Ask

Be it winter or summer
with leaves or no leaves
trees scattered afterthought
wind is up rain is down
walk the city streets at dawn

Lamps blinking on and off
translating sand waiting
for the tide to change

what was I thinking
what did I write last night

There was a TV show
routine skip and ordinary life
breaks reassemble the heart
voices from the broken wing
only heard it for a second

I just thought my life
would be I'd love somebody
that they'd love me back
and it would last my whole life
why is that so much to ask


  1. A hint of Spring in between. Oh the mix in there. why is it?

  2. Reassembled heart and voices from the broken wing ...you said don't ask but if I could ask, I'd ask for a sequel!

    1. Oh, skips a bit, does it? Thank you, dear Kristen. I'll see if it skips a bit more. :)


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