Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kit Kelen #525 - Alentejo


here I am
setting off in good time
paused here and there for the view

how far the hills
how weary the sun
each step a shadow cast

scramble of goat
and bramble, scrub
dust under the nails
eyes grimed

gulleys of torrent
when angry skies
and now hard summer holds

passage of wheat fields
scatter of olives
straw before the heat

pink hills
shade cast to shift

there was a rhythm of rattle along
and I was dark of it nights

time has brought me
here I am
along a little further now

white of the wall
like a church struck
generations dumb with wonder

stone to cool the centuries' hearts
and the vine
tangling past truth
to a reverie
shading friends

leaf all pointing
everything possible

like the season spilled
to kiss, to come again

you can see winter was
now the cherries

roofs sundulled, still red
olive tops white with the sky's touch

now the summer is come
there is only this season
Romans knew it
Phoenecians before

how far the hills
how weary the sun
each step a shadow following

weary climb
of the hilltop tree, alone
rooted through storms
frost struck
now baking
in its little shade cast

leaf pointing

all the blue beyond us
all the blue to come

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