Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rob Schackne #378 - "It's a bit late but now"

It's a bit late but now
I might've tumbled to the scam
every time I make a change to a word
or check deep to consider a line

(or even read the bloody poem again)
I've got another reader
and as the numbers climb

my Fool's been proud
now you other poets here
my brothers and sisters

my aunties and my uncles
my sons and my daughters
(though in no position to absolve me)
let me ask for your forgiveness


  1. at first there were only a chosen few
    but over time bystanders were drawn in
    people just from the street
    a vox populi
    salt of

    at first they were content to correct
    what they saw as minor infractions
    how quickly a people tires of that

    now their duty is to condemn
    that's their enthusiasm

    it's a multitude have erected these stairs
    and this scaffold
    generations of craftsmen
    and women have knitted
    they've brought me
    in a lovely carved tumbrel

    wheels of slaughtered bone

    the rest is by lot

    now they'll find me a wife
    to make a knot
    make sure my tie's
    nice and straight

    when I pay off the box
    I'll be home


    1. sure we'll be
      lucky to get out
      of this world alive
      our faculties intact
      maybe two minds
      to rub together
      a long distance
      ahead of the chase

  2. five to one
    one to five
    no one here gets out ...


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