Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kit Kelen #531 - ars paedagogica

ars paedagogica 
this is how I teach

forget the finger
to the wind
I do it tail up
no crossings out

I wear the robe
I think you've met
Miss Gulch

one word
nose to arse
and next
it doesn't matter
what I tell

I propagate the faith
and I spread my own disease

I have no microphone
to tether
make it up
as I go

if the children are mad with the wind
that's my weather
I shine a moon for them so

a way before me is revealed
that I should know where I come from

and there's a fire-and-brimstone cast

one word
after the next I tell
have you ever heard me stop?

claims are all mere posturing
an argument? – who cares?

just stroke the thing – it purrs

apple for the teacher
wicked wicked
more of those!

how mighty the high and moral
these precepts with us till we die

moneylenders are swept before
I pick up some ready cash
fiddle a little under the table
I do a lovely loll
be pet!

how beautiful the young must be
and pleasure here among


you'll follow where I can't explain
you'll go on ahead where I won't

the waters are always testing me
I go with the vibe prevails
it's to an old tune you won't know till I tell

and show
and then I'm on the map
what's the old fool chasing after?

there's lots of repetition
but the world we're from is lost

it's the rags I lie down in most matter
a way before me is revealed
(it's teaching the path before yourself
you'll know which way to go)

all articles are faith
with rudiments by maxim
and cheered to echo too

I peer over the tops of my glasses
they're hanging from a string

the punctuation's pointless
it's spelling still is king

and grammar!
there's no escape

define the hidden rule
guess what's in a whore's head
stroke intuitions too

when I do the vanishing
you must try harder

every truth I tell's a stretch
I love that you believe
believe me
I do the old stairs trick for marks

my labour's alienated too

still dark of my deeds would have you struck off
go on – say – you always suspected
go on
and sneer!

sometimes I'm not there at all
but the droning goes on
I have a nickname, don't I?
so you'll know what you have to do
because the teacher's there
still in your head

you in the back row
leave it alone
you'll wear it out

I get dizzy with the thing myself
you have to join the dots

follow where I can't explain
go on ahead where I can't

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