Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Venessam #4 - After Ulysses

Love is not Blind
We like to think
that when the red haze of lust occludes
our vision
All is forgiven
the beloved.

But I am not blind

I stand next to you
Just not, not touching
Electric current sparks down my arm
I draw in your scent with caution
Just a little leaves me lightheaded
Too much will overwhelm
My stomach clenches at your every small move

We lay side by side,
Under the night
Goddess' warm breath
caresses and blesses

But I am not blind
Love is the steady gaze
That sees all the flaws and lusts just the same
That sees all the lumps and loves just the same

If this be blind
Then I am Polyphemus
Nobody has done this to me
Nobody but myself.

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  1. love a Greek dinner!
    (better than a poke in the eye...)


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