Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kit Kelen #544 - you can take your cave with you wherever you go

you can take your cave with you everywhere you go

I make myself small to get through
it's a long way back where I'm beckoned

I heed
I hollow myself out to receive

I take my time
I know time will take me

but here I am
all the world pours in

I take off my head to make needed adjustments
remove all my gonads to think

I let the sun dry my socks
into my heart I allow all the creatures

as often as reasonable I go in there
nil by mouth overnight
so there'll be fast to break

I do a little pirate dance
and walk the plank
walk water too

I have a little ladder
directly to the roof

some days inhabit an ache
I let the moon in then

disgust myself with all this I
get a symphonic sense of the scene
and up to old tricks
I'm teaching the dog

I wear the washing till it's dry
keep a few hearts up my sleeve
and sometimes fart
to shoot the breeze

spend the last shilling
go decimal wild
do ape's shit?
of course they do

I roll all my strength and all
throw myself into the thing
and frequently bounce back

I'm on the hook
I'm flapping about
it's only a matter of time

head spins
drums come for the street

the news of the world
projects of a screen
I see by the light
of a very old fire

that kind of thing sweats from your pores

I take my cave with me everywhere I go

in a world so wrong
my battles are few
I really must be a coward
truly, believe me
I have to believe
that's how I'm telling the tale

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  1. you're a turtle
    you take the sky
    with you but
    darkness too


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