Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 266 - The Sprout Cafe

The Sprout Café

untuck the frontispiece    this life
as led is gone   slide across

the cracked forgiveness
the brown banquette

we met each year   no matter
when my tears said     when is the time

this ends  how does it stop and you said
love is a verb   you don’t just love

a person they do it
do it   to you   what name

do you write  here
who owns this story  

now  can it be thread can it be steel
can it be written on by others

who speak the broader tongue
leave it    leave a tip

take the ashtray
take the truth


  1. Take the verb, take the ashtray, take the truth ... and run (way down to Lawless). Love this piece Kerri - lots of fabulous lines firing away from The Sprout Cafe.

  2. let the broader tongue be poetry


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