Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kit Kelen #520 - no ever after

no ever after

fact that there's nothing
makes it okay

you hit that wall
and you're gone

or you don't in fact
you don't hit
in the sense
hitting's not what any you does

or you might in fact
hit a wall
in the sensory sense
but there isn't a moment
in which you do death
though you may be done to
then joke is on the evil doing

nor is there any deep-down-below
except while you're minded
of a cussed us-ness on and on
till other endings
wouldn't be it either

death won't come as a relief
there can't be any scythe-like justice

death is
no one
but was
no now
but only
all before

waste of a field
waste of a view
waste of every fear till now

there's nothing to remember
move along, move along...
you can see, can't you
why I'm getting it all straight now?

I don't know how many gods there are
but I know where they come from
I know they all go

these are among the very few things
of which I can be certain

all we can know
is once-upon
no ever after


  1. Good poem
    plenty of snap
    ever come up here
    we'll drink some beer
    and talk about it

  2. greetings from Seville, Rob
    (the furnace of Spain!)

    1. Ha. I lived for 6 years in Fuengirola and Mijas when I was a kid. Summers got very hot there too, but at least we had the beach and water nearby. Enjoy the flamenco. :)

  3. So bleak a picture. But probably not for you. Interesting veiw point

  4. fact that there's nothing makes it okay


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