Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kristen de Kline #110 too late for pulling out words

it's too late for pulling out words
one     by     one
roll with the lines
punch with the rattles
the day falls     down
it's always      too late

the lawless man is on the loose
he's sprinting away with the first page
burning words     flying ash
blue tongue
large wounds
Spanish fangs
words floating
out of the window
whose words are     these

the lawless man throws letters at me
we could be     anywhere anyone
can you smell petrol     burning
he buries me under the whole alphabet
covers my limbs with a tarpaulin
and then the night falls     down,     gently
page by page
half of the sheets are missing
we could disappear out the back of Lawless

I know you want sunlight to fall
pages to turn
I know you want to jump to the last page
we could be     anyone anywhere     I know

it's too late

I know     it we     didn't work



  1. Yes. It's much too late.
    To turn back now.
    Mad as a snake.

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    3. Definitely too late to turn back now Rob - better keep running. & yes, it's great to have made it to the #110 mark but have to agree with Kit - you've exceeded the #366 :)) Keep pumping them out!

  2. and congrats on yr passing the 366 a while back, Rob!


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