Sunday, January 8, 2017

Kit Kelen #373 - the vanishing

we are the vanishing

when you sleep we're gone
when you're away, we're here
you're afraid
and you forget to be

you sleep in a bed
we simply wilt
we are to air

all other worlds are with us
we are the vanishing
gone simply to
we're there

as somewhere else was once
how is it we have begun elsewhere?
how is it we are from? come? gone?
fears are past us

we are the waiting
we are the crossing of the sea
we are the island itself
the exile

is it us?

no, the world is vanishing
already turned
but touched
we were there

we come
as if by blizzard

it's a time from my youth
a cradle song

it's a tune rehearses the heart
this is how we have felt
how to go on

none of this amounts to idea
it's all more precious than having been thought
but how else here?

what we sing is really about ...
you tell me
I wait for just a word from you
I know you know
you watch
but what can you say?

only the truth knows us now
only the truth could ever tell

we have to be the vanishing
no other way to have meant

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