Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rob Schackne #206 - "The trucks thunder past"

The trucks thunder past
the music schools and factories
I don't really care


  1. hard to know if this is complete or not!

    1. Well, Robbie, since you asked - it started off as a haiku, reasonably enough, I thought. But no. It actually started off with a letter I wrote earlier tonight to a friend, who had sent me a terrific poem about Sydney nights, in which I misquoted rather carelessly (from memory) John Cage's koan about trucks, music schools & factories. After I realised that I had made most of it up, I then tracked down his original quote. Which set me thinking etc. But it could go longer, you're right. However, I'd need to make like Houdini and escape that 3rd line. Something I'm unable to do at the moment. Sleep beckons. :)


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