Saturday, January 7, 2017

Robert Verdon, #410, water of life

In the liquid state, in spite of 80% of the electrons in H2O being concerned with bonding, the three atoms do not stay together as the hydrogen atoms are constantly exchanging between water molecules, due to protonation/deprotonation processes. Both acids and bases catalyze this exchange and even when at its slowest (at pH 7), the average time for the atoms in an H2O molecule to stay together is only about a millisecond. As this brief period is, however, much longer than the timescales encountered during investigations into water's hydrogen bonding or hydration properties, water is usually treated as a permanent structure.

Martin Chaplin, Water Structure and Science, at (7.1.2017).

tiny as a water molecule
is the spark of creation
with hope exchanging throughout
like hydrogen


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