Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ambulance # 83 Claine Keily

There in the ambulance
it seemed to her
he took his time
and she there
her breasts impossibly swollen
curves hard anchored
save for with blood

There are men in the world
she thought
who savour
seeing a woman
tacked like this
in a cubicle
wearing nothing but blood

Foolish to believe
she thought
that men dream only
to bring women bouquets of flowers
or long to take them
to restaurants
in the hope of
kissing their hands


  1. Wow - I must admit the title "Ambulance" piqued my interest - but such a strong poignant poem - love the power of the imagery with the woman "in a cubicle wearing nothing but blood" - so powerfully disturbing but beautifully executed too. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks Kristen I feared no one would be able to respond to the poem as it is so raw x


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