Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Travel # 83 Claine Keily

Once she had sipped Sangria
by the sea in
a restaurant in Barcelona
now she could no longer remember
the name of the hotel there
in which she had stayed
nor the shine
of the stained glass windows
what  she did remember
was that being able to travel there
had made her feel
she stood at the centre of the world

Now she viewed maps
in her bedroom at night
unsure if they gave her hope
or sadness
as she read The Economist
and feared she would never
travel again


  1. I love these poems. I keep on imagining the woman, her face, her body and posture. The room and the music. :)

  2. The way you weave time, words, emotion, catches my breath!

  3. Wow - that restarant, the hotel, the shrine - and the gap between the travelling and the viewing of maps - really speaks to me too :)


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