Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rob Schackne #284 - "The secrets"

The secrets
you don't know
not the knowledge

you have to learn
how it works
before you know
what it does
cat washing itself
in the one-way

dogs are like that
you're stuck on
how it works
the several planes
of a Shanghai poet
who calls her late
in Tasmania  

how it works
taste distance
no power and no glory
all those stories
how it works

space distance
it's a smell
made us friends


  1. I've tasted distance - wonderful lines of taste and smell and remembrance. Just this morning the daylight on my kitchen wall looked like a Chagall floating character, this poem gives me the same!

    1. Ha. Just the other day I gave a mini-lecture on Matisse & Chagall :)

  2. dogstuck
    and on several planes
    without the power or glory

  3. Wow - love the taste of distance and the stories, smells, spaces, disances floating around. Great poetry :)


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