Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kristen de Kline - #76 Bloody Plastic Linda 1

Malfunctioning     bloody
Plastic Linda from Coburg
wrestling with fan blades that jangle and tangle
one of the damn spokes starts speaking up
what a fuck-up you are don't know where you're going
screw everything up don’t know where you’ve been
damn spoke     couldn't you have lost your voice     become
catatonic     half-way inside my arm     couldn't you

I tried fixing her, really I did
used a switchblade first     then a chopstick
plugged her in replugged her turned the LOUVER button on-off-on again

Twisted the chopstick into the engine, turned the blade around the louvers
the Polaroid shows you hidden behind a black balaclava     those were the days my friend  
there's a sawn-off in my backpack and I'm smiling    half-way inside my arm
could you blow me a kiss      we thought they'd never end    
nail me at the hip     could you     twist a little bit

Shouldn't she be breathing on her own   by now  
fanning the bedroom     cooling the sheets
there was a city in my mind     it’s faded
don’t come along don’t take that ride     shouldn't she
be breathing

Bloody Plastic Linda     I knew she was a mistake
luminous white spokes wrangle, tangle
skin your heart
not even her blades rotate
the plastic darts wobble unevenly
stutter     pause
can you attribute melancholia to a cheap plastic fan from Coburg?

Isn't she ready to slip into a dream     she’s been
unresponsive for hours    time for the devil to take
tomorrow     to jam that tube down her throat     too much wine
too much song     God tonight
I need a friend     are all the birds singing in the sky
don't throw her on the dumpster     is Spring really in the air
even the poets want to resurrect her     half-way inside my arm
are there flowers everywhere is it hard to die can you hear the birds sing


  1. Dear Kristen, So much resistance. Plastic Linda. What a ratbag. Love her. Love this. Thank you.

  2. Dear Rob - thank you. Yes she is a ratbag indeed but at least she's being slowly resurrected!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes techo love of an intermittent nature... & also for those who love to personify random objects.


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