Tuesday, March 14, 2017

James Walton #42 Too sleepy for work in the herringbone

the smell of hay
is seaweed and sex
rolled out like

washing basket ducks on a wall
falling spilled laundry clouds
your waist untangling preludes

the violin’s turn at handle
my hands too naively cold
for this bow to play

the sunglasses of autumn
as trees resist winter
bees tango clover

drop and rise in saunter
these days make lazy milk
tasting of lips

and sautéed camembert


  1. that's a lot to take in with breakfast

    but hey!
    seaweed and sex
    that's my take away

  2. Ah. Terrific. It asks to be read aloud. Heard.

  3. yummy yummy! I would die for a sautéed camembert!


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