Monday, March 27, 2017

Kit Kelen #447 - snipe (for a series of village idiots)

(after Herrick)

Snipe is poking things again
Snipe is waking you up from your siest
gets a finger in the ribs and digs
at all that you thought blessed

Snipe sours
the tone
the tune
the beer

Snipe likes to stick at the back of the head
it's quite comfortable there
Snipe lays in bed
pokes at I-pad
all unlikes

odd positive to give the flick
and even fully formed ideas

Snipe's a hairshirt wardrobe short
admires himself in all the mirrors

Snipe's a little grey patch
a whinge-in-fellow-form
one stiff breeze will blow away

sometimes one wonders why Snipe's here
to test your character of course!
one dare say nothing of his

it's not really conversation
he wants to have you twist and turn
with Snipe you'll never win

this has to be a kind of fear

Snipe has all the same heavens above
but you'd never know
Snipe won't
Snipe can't get on
can't see himself
the mirror's someone else's fault

this has to be a kind of fear

what to do with Snipe (?), you ask me

best thing is to drown the bastard
in a bucket of good cheer


  1. Snip the snipe once and for all, and all for snip!

  2. happy to hear suggestions for more village idiots!


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