Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kristen de Kline #66 - the sky grows dead (Thanks to RS)

while the animals are sleeping
the clouds turn a darker shade
     of pale
the sky     grows dead, darkening

the black hole sun      scorches
a hole in my jeans, not my heart
devours     its own rays
it's thinner than it should be
slats of light     drop shadows      bombs
while the animals are sleeping

grab what you have       scream
don't ever say it all happens for a reason will work out in the end don't ever say
just slam the doors     they slam at me
carry me away     unzip my body  
just slam the doors     they slam at me
grab what you have     pull them out of a dirty red bandana:  
windshield wipers, bones, harmonicas
scream run     grab what you have

the black hole sun     burns
a hole, a rock in my mouth, not the heart
washes away     the rain
rinses away     the footsteps
slappin' time on the dancefloor
burns     the black hole sun

while the animals are sleeping
bodies     toss n turn
white satin sheets, twist     tangle
grab what you've got     scream
the clouds     grow dead, darkening
the skies     go out
get tired      then grow dead
in the jungle     the quiet jungle
the lion     sheds its skin
animals      sleep


  1. A terrific poem. Good to feel you back in the mix, dear Kristen.

    1. Rob it's all down to your wonderful poem tonight - the impetus I needed to finish the one I was stick on & get back in thy mix. Big thanks to you!

  2. the lion sheds its skin

    -- there's a book title for you!

    1. Actually Kit - that could well be a good book title for many of my 365+1 poems :)


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