Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kit Kelen #429 - the music can be enough

the music can be enough

never a roof in its own right
more like the head keeping up with the hat

but you inhabit a vanishing land
sparks up as truth so you know

the courage of it listening
the music can be enough

it's a stretch mountain
of itself yet pat

through glass, two are poling the mud
thanks to the idea of fish

or here's the ladder and we leap
you'll get the picture

as the rest is in the bones
as the future falls to our easy siege

thin air must conjure wings
the music can be enough

alien spore, the stretch, an ache
because time is the planet turning

and who can hear?
what meets with us in memory

once was so vanishing
we had to make it where we went

a trill, a rill
such stream as turns

and takes us from the mill
I stop for it and get a whiff

all opening and secret is
flower and ordure and then

I'm bodied, bold
the fact of it is every colour

the music can be enough
they're dragging me away

not a word is said
it rises and we ride along

horns we kiss
a stroke of strings and fingerings

invention is the tide
it's like the wheel

like fire
but in the mind

and deeper down
the soul it says

not knowing what to mean
quizzical quirky

it is all upfolding

perfect as anything passing is
the ear is innocent in this

you must believe in it
you trust

it is all imminent and next
abstract of any understanding

as if consonants
were gone for a season

let me beat a drum to ward off day
the music can be enough

so full of surprise
every tail should wag to in time

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