Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 204 - the text to say you tripped

the text to say you tripped

be more careful  you see I don’t want to land at some regional
airport just to come and slap you for falling down getting injured don’t
you know what love means to me    the kind of mad unconditional
drive up the coast   love that you hand out like a fresh jonquil   I am
Helen Keller’s hand beneath the pump   old woman   always listening
inside this snail-brain vault for what makes the humans  whirr and
tick    your flash against my palm    don’t fall


  1. Marvellous those people who work tirelessly at the Dept of the Bleedin' Obvious.

    Fall when you want to...just pick yourself up again.


  2. From tramal to tripping ... well, a different type - another great poem. Love the endings with the whirring and ticking, 'your flash agaimst my palm don't fall' - powerful way to end it.

    1. Haha Kristen the Tramal it so often leads to tripping! I am a 'one' for falling and breaking my bones.


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