Sunday, March 26, 2017

Malady # 86

She wanted to marry only
a man with an impressive
collection of dictionaries
not a diplomat or a dignitary
or a celebrity

She wanted to talk with him
about their notebooks
each evening
discuss the entomology of words
to be with a man confident enough
to never have to tell her
that she was not beautiful
or talented

But she felt as though
she worked as an interpreter
the subtle put downs
did not pass by her
even though she showed
no response at the time
she clocked up these incidents
had names for
the forms they took even
and so she made her first steps
on the path
to becoming a doctor


  1. words the ants bore off!

    nice to think I have enough dictionaries for a dowry!

  2. 'worked as an interpreter' - lovely reflection that!

  3. Hope to meet these women someday :)


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