Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One Afternoon # 87 Claine Keily

One afternoon
he was there
and she found herself divided
like the food on the first day they met
which she had sliced up for him
until it resembled lozenges
or sugar cubes

It was a form of rebellion
to leave their apartment
without cleaning up
to drive out and circle
the asphalt loop
outside their home
for no reason at all
then cry at last
beside a grove of wattle
on the median strip
 where she could
count the cars in the traffic
far into the night
until she was ready to
head homeward


  1. She really needs to dump that bloke and hit the road with Plastic Linda!

  2. Indeed - she could go on a road trip with Plastic Linda (and other ratbags born in the 60s!)

  3. I love road trips! I am sure the persona in my poem is longing for a road trip or two!


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