Monday, March 20, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 202 My Magic Carpets

My Magic Carpets
 ( for that nice Mr Schackne)

I dreamed I was with Kevin Mc Cloud he complimented me on my lovely
door    I blushed  to the colour of the bespoke hybrid begonias

outside the complex  suite of thinking     how he was much taller  how
his boots had just a touch of cowboy to the heel    though cowboy is to
Cuban   as gaucho is to   duck shit   I lost the will to speak   while he spoke about
my taps   and we recalled the long nights     days made bitter with
the choosing

I dreamed     of all the grand designs   I opened my to-do list     no
my bullet journal    wide yawned   the day      by  flew   a splay of ducks
all flying     twee    back home  with me


  1. wide yawned the day

    there's a title for a novel

    1. you dill. wide yawned the mouth of Mr Kelen. Too long?

  2. It's lovely. The growth of sense. The cutting back of nonsense.


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