Monday, March 13, 2017

Photographs #81 Claine Keily

To tell
something never told
she moved away
from her proof reading
sipped wine
closed her address book
then looked away

I am afraid of
photographs she told him
the kind that look
as though taken by
the light of candles
or worse still
as though the person in them
is covered in wax

She told him
that before the time
of such photography
in which all the people
in the pictures looked
as though they had been dragged through snow
she had felt hopeful
attended parties even

Now she preferred
to stay home
and define herself
by writing stories
and sending them
to the people listed
in her files


  1. You are very kind Rob. I think I am missing writing my prose novels. I will use the month off work to write one. I am also hoping to have a bit more energy now to read more of the poems on the site and post comments. I have been more than a bit wiped out attempting to recover from my accident.

  2. Once again, very intriguing and also provocative - some fantastic lines and imagery in this reflection on photography. Fantastic :)

    1. Thanks Kristen. I am a fan of your work but a bit crippled at the moment. I will post mor comments soon xx


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