Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Kit Kelen #427 - the cockroaches arrive

the cockroaches arrive

it's a new island
and they took their time
but at last the cockroaches have arrived

the mosquitoes were here from the word go
it's fair to say they preceded the island
even if only in transit

did they come by coracle?
in the boxes with the groceries?
some even say they flew

now the cockroaches have arrived
we should hang out bunting
they make a place homely

their apparent silence suggesting
how deaf we really are

those mosquitoes were just a few words in the ear

the dream was still in the dreaming then

now we're waiting for the rats


  1. Maybe they've walked out of a Kafka novel like the metamorphosis of Gregor! But rats...the size of cats... scary as.


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