Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 205 Born in the '60's

Born in the ‘60’s

I am rickety            full of emotion for the others
full for me            for all the reasons I won’t say
when I slap             at the mosquitos I am aware
of just how            much hate resides            it is the sticking of
my craw             residue              each hand each tongue
all the blows have made in me this shield of steel

this Batfink            that Karate


  1. okay -- so this is a challenge for a born in the 50s number I think ... and etc!

  2. Born in the 60s - yay! And, yes, I'd love to see it continued too - the hate residing and the sticking of my craw - the residue ... I want to know/discover more. Please!


  3. Born in the 50's
    and now in my 60s
    child of a more affluent age
    of parents of the war
    of grandparents of the depression
    and prohibition
    who all drank like fish
    and smoked up a storm

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  5. in the 60's
    we fought against
    what the world was becoming
    children of affluence
    privileged to know what to protest
    and how to roll a joint
    we smoked like fish
    only to learn later
    our paranoia was justified
    wearing levis isn't political
    and it's hard to get people off their ass


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