Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kit Kelen #449 - all things considered

all things considered

every painting a memory map
something to mourn in each turn of the track

an ear to the silence
and hear the world spin

under the paint
some old civilization

the ants are still breathing down there
they bear the truth away on their backs

it's for all time gone


  1. but surely reborn with the stroke of a brush?

  2. not sure if the truth comes back


    1. Do you always get what you want?
      You will never get your own true love.
      It's the Law of Thirds. The third one out
      Third smartest, third most likely to succeed
      She was your third choice, and you were hers
      (Sorry, it's the Law.) And time starts to die
      At the third stroke, the echo by the third second
      The history of the book in the third chapter
      Her interminable dream by the third yawn
      Yours too. (That's the Law, you know
      It's where sound goes when it's done.)
      This poem will be gone the third time
      You happen to look for it. So will you.
      I found it the third time I stopped looking.


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