Friday, March 10, 2017

Kit Kelen #430 - glimpse


the little lane I walk down
at the stop where I'll never alight

still I see down it, mind's eye and all
as if a yellow lamp drew into the circle

it leads off into others, that alley
and streets and avenues

away to countries not yet called on
they're in the papers every day

splashed across the news
my other life and lives are there

unknown as they are here
step after step still, day upon day

another husband, another wife
the children, tragedies and joys

one can almost remember it now
the names and the colours, the questions asked

stepping down onto the platform
would it not be as if you were led?

it's as eyes meet, strange because the place is
although this stop is on your line

surely you would be blameless to go
who knows how much of this life you'd forget?

you'd follow just a whiff of something delicious
no more intention, direction than that

winter steam – the potato man calling
summer and fireflies sprinkle the hill

there would be some liquid refreshment
a comfortable room where you'd kip the first night

and that would be it
there'd be no going back

one considers all of this
just for a moment

'mind the step', some blank voice says
'doors are closing now'

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