Monday, March 6, 2017

Kit Kelen #426 - two poems (two ways of reading in one book)

two poems

in one book

all others before
long way down

but still further up
if you look

those that were burnt
smell sweetest now

those that were hidden
shine like the sun

in one book
the future is written

and your fate
all the work of your life

we'll come to that one day


or that's a certain way of reading
let's say

there isn't a last poem in the book
I refuse to read that way

when you're in one opening
there's always further

by snout
or stick or finger in

let's not mention the mirror

smells like a mountain
so you take first steps, breathe
rise like a heavenly body

but how can a candle wax?

there isn't a last book in the poem
there isn't a final word


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