Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kit Kelen #443 - boy's own poem

boy's own poem

the president is taking a dump
(I think that's how he puts it)
laying a pipe
(all the way to Alaska)
this happens most days
and sometimes more than once

it's a tweet
it could be fake news
no one can do this for him

still I believe it's happening
now and that won't be an end of it

the president is leaving a log
on whom will glory fall this day?

he did this long before he came to office
perhaps he'll do it a long time after

it doesn't seem very presidential
though I suppose it is a product of democracy

the red necks who have prayed for this
they have gathered in the old rust shop
the hour is nigh
for the next big drop
they are ready to receive

it might be this president's finest product
and yet as you focus your attention here
over time I think you'll admit
the image never becomes less disturbing

the old questions come back to us

one waits for history
to flush


  1. to me as well .... not to mention the Native American people, especially on the Sioux three big reservations, in North and South Dakota .... the black snake will kill them ...


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