Saturday, March 25, 2017

Skin #85 Claine Keily

Tired of
recounting all
the details of the accident
she took down the slippers
she had placed on the bookshelf
under which she kept
the note from the insurance company
in which they
offered to pay her
a paltry sum
as a way of reimbursement
and decided that despite
long scars and lack of movement
the damage was slight
and that she would drive again
in the car warm at last
and that there would be laughter
and gossiping
dinners diced up with friends
as if confetti
and this self she was now
would be shed like a useless skin
around her


  1. but sometimes one hangs onto the old skins,
    never know when they'll find a use
    and sometimes one hangs on too long

  2. Mmm this is one state of being I am doing all I can to move away from as soon as I can move my arm!

  3. So good, dear Claine. (Although I admit that when I first read it I deemed the subject of 'decided' to be the insurance co., before I declared for the speaker as subject, but by then I couldn't help but read the variants joined, weaving in and out of each other!)

    1. Thanks Rob I will edit that part so it is clearer. I write these poems late at night and the surgery I have had has made me very tired. As of late there have been many days when I am too tired to write a poem.


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