Friday, March 31, 2017

Snow #89 Claine Keily

She ignored him
and shook the little dome
filled with imitation snow
then thought with tenderness
of how his house
reminded her
of a time in her life
in which she had looked forward
to this time

She had spent her years
trying to convert people
to cause some selflessness to arise
but he told her that she was silly
and that it was he who
had succeeded in this life
as he watched the snow
cover over the tiny manger
until the face of the baby Jesus
was lost in glitter

He said she displayed
some taste
and that is why she was
one of his lovers
but that he could not
allow himself
to be charmed
objects meant more to him
whereas she irritated him
tired him even
with all her rooms still
filled with her college books
whereas at forty three he had
his own art assistant


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