Thursday, March 30, 2017

Kit Kelen #450 - the lost

the lost

the animals our virtues
call them to the conversation
over shoulder say

meek and eyes down
so have they hauled my cart to here

the eaten!
cloud to which souls are

nose to arse on
they are in my head

o there's the monster
have you heard
no naming

is it not wonderment
the knowing of the way that's gone?

around a glory so arranged
kind forgiving

how are we
but these were before?
we will be again

as these are among

and they've an indignation too
by the forkful they go down
and spoon in broth
no beds for them

what mighty steppes
are rendered glue

the lost are of a wander
aren't their eyes
all why for us

will the war come here?
it cannot be known

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